The Student Prince (2018)

The Student Prince Program 2018

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“The Student Prince”

In The Student Prince, Karl Franz, prince of the kingdom of Karlsberg, has grown up sheltered and under tutors. Since childhood, he has been engaged to Princess Margaret. His grandfather, the king, sends him to improve his social skills as a regular student at the venerable University of Heidelberg. Karl Franz and his entourage take up quarters at a local inn, and helped by new friends, Detlef, Lucas, and Von Asterberg, the prince soon starts enjoying student life. He also falls in love with Kathie, the innkeeper’s niece, and the couple considers eloping. But when Prince Karl Franz learns that his grandfather is dying, he realizes that he must return to Karlsberg to become the new king, and to honor the arranged marriage which neither he nor the princess wants.



Prime Minister Von Mark, Distinguished man of 60 Allen Denison
Doctor Engel (Baritone), Middle-aged tutor of Karl Franz Bill Wuertz
Prince Karl Franz (Tenor), Heir to the throne – a handsome boy of 21 Jacob Mott
Gretchen (Soprano), Commedienne, Maid at the Inn of the Three Golden Apples Gabrielle Juliette Widman
Ruder (Baritone), Keeper of the Inn – Uncle of Kathie Ron Swingen
Toni, Waiter at the Inn Dominick Davis
Lutz, The comic. The Prince’s valet Rob Patrick
Hubert, The valet’s valet Linh Nguyen
Count Hugo Detlef (Tenor), Student, leader of Saxon Corps Rawdon Taylor
Von Asterberg (Tenor), Student, member of Saxon Corps Carl Dahlquist
Lucas (Bass), Student, leader of Rheinisher Corps Laurence Cox
Kathie (Soprano), A very cute maid at the Inn, neice of Ruder Lindsey Lefler
Grand Duchess Anastasia, Domineering Mother of Princess Margaret Pat Lach
Princess Margaret (Soprano), Beautiful fiancée of Karl Franz Becca Stuhlbarg
Captain Tarnitz (Tenor), Officer attending Princess Margaret Tom Hamann
Baron Arnheim, Gentleman of the Court James Montgomery
Countess Leyden, Lady of the Court Lynda Person-Patrick
Nichola, Servant at the Inn Aurea Ross Taylor

Ladies of the Ensemble

Bryna Montgomery
Cathrine Huard
Gabrielle Widman
Lynda Person-Patrick
Kristina Kindel
Mandee Light
Pollyanna Moody

Men of the Ensemble

Allen Dennison
Carl Dahlquist
Dominick Davis
James Montgomery
John Kost
Kevin Lay
Laurence Cox
Rawdon Taylor


Anne Kolibaba Larkin
David Smith
Dennis Kelly
Jan Rosenthal


Director Dennis Britten
Assistant Director Amy Barnhart
Musical Director Dr. Linda Smith
Musical Assistant Mele Howland
Producer David Smith
Technical Director Dennis Freeze
Stage Manager Amy Barnhart
Prop Mistress/Master Amy Barnhart
Lighting Design  Tony Smith
Lighting and Audio  Karen Shurtluf
House Manager Chuck Weed
Accompanist Dr. Linda Smith
Costumes Lucy Tait
Set Joe Rosenthal
Program and Web Site Sheryl Wood
Posters David Smith
Logo Tony Smith