Member – Gabrielle Juliette Widman

Native Oregonian, Gabrielle considers herself an eclectic artist and teacher. Writing and directing an original play in two days for the 2nd year in a row, she recently participated in the annual “Fertile Ground Festival” in Portland as an instant playwright. While journeying across the country as well as overseas for several years to originally pursue an operatic career, Gabrielle spent time teaching, acting, writing and directing. She co-wrote and directed an original children’s musical in Los Angeles as well as performed in several dramatic plays, musicals, operas and later with her own original rock band. Since returning home, she’s written, directed and produced her own solo show – “Bud, Blossom & Bloom!” (One woman’s transformational journey), wrote, directed and performed a 20 minute solo piece in verse entitled “Our Sleeping Beauty,” wrote and directed “A Brand New Day” and “The Last Survivors of Tonopah” as an instant playwright. Gabrielle is looks¬†forward to continuing the fulfilling pursuits of teaching acting and voice as well as performing while writing and directing musicals for children. She is overjoyed to be participating in her second show with LoOp and hopes to be part of many more to come!

Gabrielle has performed in the Light Opera of Portland’s: