2022 Fundraising Campaign

Dear Friends and Patrons of Light Opera of Portland:

As you may be aware, LOoP! was founded in 2012 by 7 seasoned singing actors desirous of presenting quality light opera and musical theatre productions, specializing in the works of Gilbert & Sullivan, to the greater Portland area.

Initially presenting shortened versions of some of the G&S operas in a matinee once a year with its small audience seated on stage, over the past 8 years the company has blossomed into one more than 10 times its original size, garnering rave reviews along the way while increasing its audience base.

Run totally by volunteer artists and board of directors, LOoP! has managed to stay somewhat afloat, financially, through ticket sales and the occasional unexpected generosity of various audience members and friends.

But now the time has come to take a major leap, to assure our continued artistic and financial success, and this is where you come in. We are spearheading a major fundraising event for 2019 via this letter of solicitation and hope your generosity will help us achieve our goal in covering the many operating expenses we incur: theater and storage rentals; advertising; production costs; contracted work; community outreach, and so much more.

As LOoP! is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible, and to make your donation easy, you may pay either at https://www.lightoperaofportland.org/donate/ or send checks to our office at 355 NW Silverado Dr.,  Beaverton OR 97006.

Any donation, large or small, before the deadline of December 31, will be greatly appreciated—and will be rewarded with the exciting gifts listed below—and will certainly make the future of our jolly theatre family look brighter—and far more secure.

Light Opera of Portland

Special Fundraising Event!
(ends 31 December 2019)

Your donations will be rewarded by:

Fairy Queens & Pirate Kings – $2500-up

Benefits listed below, PLUS
Replace Dinner for 2 with Dinner for 4 at Mark’s on the Channel
Replace 2 season tickets to opening night LOoP! productions with 4

Princes & Princesses – $1000-2499

Benefits listed below, PLUS
Dinner for 2 at Mark’s on the Channel

Grand Dukes & Duchesses – $500-999

Benefits listed below, PLUS
2 Guest Passes to premiere showcase of “Cher Jacques!” (For donations before 10/31/2019)*

Lords & Lady Chancellors – $250-499

Benefits listed below, PLUS
A Light Opera of Portland tee shirt

Baronets & Bridesmaids – $100-249

Benefits listed below, PLUS
2 season tickets to opening night LOoP! productions

Dragoons & Little Maids – $1-99

A listing in each show program as a contributor
Our deepest gratitude!

* A new musical biography on the legendary German-French composer
of comic opera, Jacques Offenbach

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Press excerpts, 2016-1019

“The story is a lovely one….Lay’s music is consistently lovely….the cast…deliver some fine performances….the vocal ensemble work is rich, powerful, and consistently lovely….the bones of a beautiful love story, will be adequate justification for those interested in seeing a nascent work.…go”
—Tina Arth, We Met in Moscow, world premiere Westside Theatre Reviews, Mar. 25, 2019

“The LOoP production is literally littered with high points….simply marvelous….when the full company sings the power is stunning….By Act 2, I was cackling so enthusiastically that I would have been embarrassed had my neighbors not been just as loud….I recommend that you work it into your plans for next weekend.”
—Tina Arth, The Mikado, Westside Theatre Reviews, Sep. 24, 2018

“a real tribute to director Dennis Britten and his cast that I was able to thoroughly enjoy the production despite its markedly aristocratic bent…snobbery taken to hilarious extreme…a joyous celebration of the freedom and exuberance of youth….The LOoP production is blessed with a fine orchestra…costumes are really quite stunning…the members of the court add a great deal of color and character to the production….[an] unprecedented opportunity for locals to experience an amazingly entertaining art form.”
—Tina Arth, The Student Prince, Westside Theatre Reviews, Mar. 22, 2018

“Another LOoPy Adventure….clearly, contemporary Portlanders are dying to avail themselves of the joys of light opera, and LOoP director Dennis Britten is doing a great job of filling this need.
…LOoP’s group earned an abundance of ‘bravos’ from the audience for both their vocal and acting prowess….wonderful comic moments…having way too much fun”
—Tina Arth, The Gondoliers, Westside Theatre Reviews, Sep. 29, 2017

“a powerful and precise vocal ensemble….a large, experienced, and proficient cast…superb little orchestra…they integrate beautifully together…treat yourselves to the fun of light opera while you can!”
—Tina Arth, The Pirates of Penzance, Westside Theatre Reviews, Feb. 20, 2017

“Nonsense Done Right….Top-flight entertainment….this production of Iolanthe is a must-see for local audiences with a passion for Gilbert and Sullivan’s wryly absurd musicals….The cast is loaded with strong vocalists…ensemble work is powerful, intricate, and often quite beautiful – but most important, it’s just plain fun.”
—Tina Arth, Iolanthe, Westside Theatre Reviews, Aug. 23, 2017

“Light Opera of Portland (LOoP) is having way too much fun with Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore at the Multnomah Arts Center….a terribly funny show with a genuinely impressive vocal ensemble and a few fine solo vocalists….a powerful ensemble with frequent flashes of surprising beauty….I hope that LOoP will continue to shine the light of light opera on the stages of Southwest Portland with productions of this quality. It’s fun, lively, thoroughly entertaining, and done much too rarely. Go, see it, and tell your friends!”
—Tina Arth, HMS Pinafore, Westside Theatre Reviews, June 23, 2016